Friday, September 21, 2012


It's Friday already?!

We had Monday off from school. It was Rosh Hashanah, but school was closed post Outdoor Ed anyway. I sang all morning then joined the clan at chavurah up in the mountains. But the rest of the week sure sped by! Here are the iPhone pics from this week! You can follow me (I'm mamaellen) on Instagram if you like!

Ted, you are a rock star. We are so proud of you.

They are starting to not avoid each other! Hooray!

Loving canning tomatoes again this year, and especially loving the sweet labels from Taproot! 

Date Night. No joke. :-)

A friend gifted me with a huge bag of rescued basil from a nut-allergic co-worker.
 Naturally, I wanted to make her at least one jar! It's not bad! 

Sam is literally growing before my eyes. Every day he looks older. 

The path to Sam's "secret place" near the creek by our house.

She is turning into a lap dog! 

Solar system homework.

Sunbathing beauty.

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