Sunday, September 30, 2012

Music Update

I feel like most of 2011 was spent focusing this blog on the topic of adoption, which was a great thing, because it gave me great fodder for a book (perhaps an eBook?) as well as a focus for my writing.

But, after I had written everything I wanted to say, there was a sense that to post day-to-day things would somehow mar the efforts I had made to focus the blog. So I didn't update.

After a while, I began popping a few things back in, birthdays mostly, as well as other little things. I decided recently to go back to the way it used to be, when The Daily Grind was my only blog. It's just easier that way!

So, in lieu of that, a post that could have gone to my Music Blog is going to live here instead! It's my little update on the goings-on of my life lately!

I've loved the InstaFridays and Compassion assignments and they have really been the impetus for re-igniting my love of writing here.

A few years ago, with small children underfoot and no time to myself, I could never have imagined I would lead the busy music life I do now. I had an audition today for Central City Opera's Outreach Program. While I may not get the gig, it made me go back to my resume to update it, since much has happened since last December when I got all fancy and went to New York to audition for European opera houses.

In December of 2011, I auditioned and got into the Opera Colorado Chorus. Rehearsals started in January and the season ran through to May. We did Il Trovatore and Florencia en los Amazones. It was a blast. This season we are doing Gounod's Romeo and Juliet, Don Giovanni, and a new one, Lori Laitman's The Scarlet Letter.

I continue to sing with Temple Sinai for High Holidays as well as other special events. Every Sunday and Wednesday, as well as important Holy Days, I sing in the 12-voice choir at Holy Ghost Catholic Church from October to June. Bread and butter, as they say.

Last February I was invited to audition for Dr. Skinner's reputable Summer Choralfest. I got in, had a wonderful time, and was invited back for next year. Hooray! This is a week-long commitment in June - perfect timing.

Last month my friend from grad school, Gina Razon, Artistic Director of Operaverse, put the word out that she was casting for Trouble in Tahiti. Seeing that Gina is a mezzo (Dinah is the lead role), I knew I wouldn't land the lead, but I wanted to be involved. She invited me to sing the middle part in the Trio, who sings throughout the opera. We've had so much fun rehearsing! The soprano went to CU with me and the bari-tenor is at Opera Colorado with me! We've had a blast! Performances are coming right up on October 27, 28 and November 2! (For more info and tickets, click here.)

Last week a friend put in a good word for me and I was invited to audition for Central City Opera's Outreach Program. This is a quartet of singers (SATB) that go into the schools and present opera to them. It's a fun program (I've seen some of the shows) and it would be fun to do. We'll see - it wasn't the most stellar audition I've ever done. But, as I said about the Choralfest audition, what's great about this is that I am in the loop now. I knew almost everyone auditioning today -  it was a great feeling.

All in all, I am singing more than I ever have and it feels great! Not only has the modest income helped out our finances, I've felt more clear when answering the "What do you do?" question moms are often asked. I was completely comfortable answering, "I stay home with my three kids" when they were little, but as each one entered elementary school, I found myself taking more gigs and gradually building up my singing. They are proud of me and Mae in particular really enjoys coming to the opera (for the final dress rehearsal).

Because all of these gigs rehearse in the evenings or on weekends, I am still there, mostly, to sub at their school, to volunteer in the classroom or at a field trip, to pick them up from school and take them to TKD, etc. Paul does an awful lot of putting-to-bed these days, but they are getting older and that's getting easier too. He is such a solid support for me; I am so lucky!

This was an exceedingly long post, for which I apologize! The bottom line is, this blog will once again be home to the goings-on of our family (though Sweet Pea still gets her own page for a while!). See you in the blog-o-sphere!

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