Saturday, September 8, 2012

My 1st InstaFriday!

So fun! I discovered Instagram a month or so ago and have loved it. Just taking a quick snapshot here and there can be all I need to remember a special moment. Or a not so special moment!

Jeanette over at Life Rearranged does a Friday Instagram round-up that I've enjoyed for a long time now. I decided to try it, and it's so much fun! You just dump the pics you've taken for the week in one place and get a lovely view of your week. (I may even go back and do the previous weeks - what a great way to get a snapshot of your week!)

So, here is our week, more or less!

Sam got tricked into testing! He's a Brown Belt Decided now!  
Sweet Pea's 1st Hike! 
After the hike...
inspired by Renee's new e-book "Eat This"

Snakes at the creek! 

An amazing experience. And Sam got to shake his hand! 

Mae and I couldn't help ourselves...
Brief thunderstorm ... no problem.

life rearranged

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Stephanie said...

Fun photos! Very cool that your son got to shake the president's hand!