Wednesday, September 5, 2012

1st Assignment

Yesterday, my middle child turned nine years old. After he and his two siblings were all tucked in for the night, I settled down to write this post, my first assignment for September Blog Month. The disparity couldn't have been clearer. 

 My sweet boy enjoyed a day of his favorite foods (cinnamon rolls for a breakfast treat, root beer floats after school, his favorite pizza for dinner) while other nine year olds have rice. Or nothing at all. Children who are sponsored through Compassion get two meals a day at school, breakfast and lunch.

Sam rode to school today, a mile away on his new 24" bike. He played outside with his little buddies at recess in a simple grassy field, because the school is being remodeled and they had to remove all the playground equipment. He learned about rocks and meteorites and how to find patterns in math. He read and spelled and wrote and listened. He loves school.

Many of the unsponsored children are not able to attend the public schools in their areas because of the associated costs (uniforms, supplies, etc.) Sponsored children receive these supplies, which is often what makes the difference between going to school and not going.

Sam had his nine-year well-check visit last week. He was 56 pounds (50%) and 51 inches tall (25%). He's no giant, but he's a healthy kid. Sponsored children get access to health care - sick-care visits, medication and even simple well-checks and immunizations. Not only the children benefit here - the entire family of the sponsored child can enjoy health care. 

When I think of what my $38 is doing to help Peter, our sponsored child, I marvel. How can it be so easy to help? How many more children can we help? Can I sponsor another one?

Once you realize how easy it is, the questions keep coming. How can I help?

Here's how. Click here to Sponsor a child

It's easy. It's cheap. It's life-changing. Please consider it. Please?

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