Saturday, September 1, 2012

September Blog Month at Compassion!

Shortly after sponsoring Peter, I spent some time on Compassion's website,  looking for ways to get more involved. I applied to be an official "Compassion Blogger" and my application was accepted! I am thrilled to try and help get as many children sponsored as possible!

If you're so inclined, read about why we are sponsoring Peter here.

Then, if you felt the way I did, follow some of those amazing links. The pictures will capture your souls; the stories will capture your hearts.

Then, if those posts move you as they did me, sponsor a child! A monthly fee of $38 provides your sponsored child (and his family) with food, money for school supplies (in Tanzania, where Peter is from, public education is free but the families have to pay hefty prices for supplies and uniforms), medical care, and for you Christians out there, access to church and a community who will teach them that there is a God out there who cares for them. That's a good message, no matter how it's detailed.

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I think I was most touched by the idea of a child, previously selling trash in town for a few shillings a day, being able to put on a clean uniform, walk to school, eat a healthy breakfast and lunch and go to school for the day. Now his family can take a sick parent to the doctor and prevent the spread of easily treated infections. It just takes so little to make a huge difference in one family's life.

Please consider sponsoring a child. Or join me in Blog Month by following the link here to add your voice to the blog-o-sphere. Imagine if every one of you sponsored just one child. It would be amazing. It would be life changing. It would be beautiful.

Will you join me? 

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