Friday, October 26, 2012


Tech week and TKD testing is here and it's been a busy week of late evenings, snowstorms and preparations. It was a truly beautiful week outside. Here are my camera pics from the week!

A beautiful Fall ride with Sylvie on Tuesday. (2 days b4 the snow!)

Sam & Jonah after Zack's bar mitzvah.

Ted & Sam at combat sparring. They love when they get to spar each other.

A hint of things to come - frozen dew drops in the morning.

Still beautiful, just a day before the snow.

"All I want for Hanukkah is my two front teeth!"


Lots of homework this week. Squeezing it in after TKD before Hebrew tutoring.

The crunch beneath my feet.

So glorious! 

First snow! 

About 4 inches. So pretty! 
Silly ducks. Fly south!

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