Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Happy Day Project 2012

life rearranged One of my favorite bloggers is running this fun project again this year. Every day there is a new assignment to, literally, create a happy day for someone else. If you can't physically do a task, there is a way to do it on-line or through a charity donation. It starts Monday, November 5th.

This falls in line with one of the portions of my "9 Steps to Black Belt" project, which is to do 100 acts of kindness. I like the idea of accumulating some good ideas so I don't just tip a little extra 50 times or something ... I wonder if picking up another dog's poop would count ... I do that alot as it is!

Anyway, check in on Monday mornings for the wrap up of the week (it will probably be posted over the weekend, but if I say Monday I have a grace period!) If you're so inspired, join us! Just click on the beautiful happy image and you'll go right to the information page.

If you're on Instagram, hashtag your photos with #TheHappyDayProject so we can see! (I'm mamaellen, if you'd like to follow me.)

Let's let this month before holiday madness be more about others than ourselves this year. I'm excited!

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