Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Out with the old - in with the new!

Happy 2013! I have always loved the freshness of January 1, in spite of December 31 dishes and laundry still un-done! We have a Labrador calendar this year and January's mama dog looks just like SP with a little black puppy! So cute!

Here is a quick photo recap of our vacation together! We have loved having a non-working daddy in the house (in spite of the cold he acquired a few days ago - boo!) and have spent each day relaxing in our own favorite ways.

Sun-bathing kitty.

MineCrafting brothers.

Delivering antibiotics to Mae in her new loft bed (thanks Ben R!)

Happy snow dog. This is her kind of weather! 

Stretching out for a nap.

Treading lightly...

Conquering the creek!

Fun at the creek.
All three kids are looking forward to seeing their friends. Since all three kids were pretty severely sick, we've had ZERO play-dates all break! This has resulted in a very sweet bond between the boys that always comes on in forced togetherness. Mae is a little left out of this, but she and I have been cooking up a storm and hatching our dragons in DragonVale, so it's all good!

I'll be happy to return to routine, but not to the alarm clock. I love sleeping in - even if sleeping in means 7:15am! Opera Colorado rehearsals start this Friday (See you in May, Paul!) so I'll be very busy at night for four months. I'm looking forward to it, though. This season we are doing Romeo & Juliet, Don Giovanni, and the premiere of The Scarlett Letter. Great season!

As for New Year's Resolutions, I don't usually make them because I know myself. I get things done when I set my mind to them, but I can only set my mind to one or two things at a time! In the immediate future is earning my black belt, step by step and class by class, as well as our big trip to China. Just in case I win the lottery and get into the New York City Marathon, I also have a running goal to run daily; this is as much for SP as for myself. And I am also determined to finish the 30-day Shred before the big 4-0 on the 26th! After that, who knows? Do good. Be kind. Help others. Lots of that!

Happy New Year!

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