Friday, February 8, 2013

Nit-pickiness can be a virtue...

logo designThrough the advice and counsel of good friends, both on-line and in-person, I have decided to start a small, home-based, copy editor business. I have three tiers of service, and anything can be tailored to the needs of your blog!

Growing up with a High School English teacher for a mother, my papers were always edited. As I began to take a deep interest in writing, editing became very important to me too. I never want a mistake to take away from my audience's experience, whether it be a short story or a persuasive essay. Thanks, Mom!

I read a number of wonderful blogs and the majority have a surprising number of grammatical errors and simple mistakes that can be avoided with proper proof-reading. I understand that most blog writers, moms like me, take more effort in their story-telling than they do their proofing, which makes sense.

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I read a variety of blogs, but they all have one thing in common: they are written by mothers. We are mothers who communicate to other mothers. We share our families' milestones and challenges; we ask for help and help others. I love the community I have created in this modern-day technical neighborhood.

I saw a need in our beautiful circle. There is a need to elevate our writing to the level of professionalism we expect as consumers. There is nothing worse than reading a recipe from a favorite blogger only to realize the Tablespoon or teaspoon measurement was left out! (A simple proof-reading error would have solved that.) Or, while deeply immersed in the drama of a mother's tale, I will come across a word that is completely omitted - making the sentence unclear. I must then go back, re-read, and hazard a guess as to what the word might have been.

These types of errors stand between the reader and the writer. This is where I come in!

Small though it is, here is the link to my endeavor. Click over for a description of services, rates, and more!

I look forward to building new relationships with clients that desire a more professional feel to their writing, as well as budding authors (both e-books and hard-copy). Thanks for reading!

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