Wednesday, August 2, 2006

remembering Mae Day

I am feeling nostalgic today. Mae was extra-cuddly tonight, looking up into my face and then putting her head back down on my was so sweet. I have always loved putting my babies to bed...til they started resisting it at about age 3...anyway! It was lovely bonding time so I felt the need to revisit the BabyJellyBeans site and re-live our journey. I am going to try to link this picture to the snippet of video of Mae being handed to me. It's not very long, so it shouldn't take too long to upload. So, click on the pic and hopefully it will work!

*Update* Here it is on YouTube:


Anonymous said...

Yeah! It worked. Thanks for NOT including the sound of Ayi squaking in the background!! ; )

Ellen said...

Hmm...I heard some "Oh my god!"s at the beginning! hee hee!! Thanks for the awesome video!!