Saturday, January 13, 2007

Mae Swimming

For a 3rd lesson, I think she's doing pretty darn well! Here she is swimming (i.e. kicking) to her teacher, Kyla. This program is about 6 weeks long.
Thought I'd add some more info about the program. Each lesson is 10 minutes long, Monday through Thursday. It usually takes about 6 weeks for the child to master the Swim-Float-Swim sequence. Mae is rocking on the Swim and will start the Float next week. There is another part that entails swimming to a 'wall' and pulling up on it. She is having a tough time with that because she won't hold onto the wall; rather she tries to use her feet to climb up. This is primarily a survival program-the 'Final Exam' is performed in a snowsuit and boots. The week before there is a "Fully Clothed" test. Both my boys did this program and still participate in the weekly swim classes to keep their skills up. Ted LOVES swimming and Sam could take it or leave it. I suspect Mae will really enjoy it once she is more confident. She is much quicker and more focused than the boys were, and is progressing nicely. I'll try and post a new video from each Thursday lesson to track her progress. To see Ted and Sam's videos, click here.


epin said...

Wow, Mae is amazing. Hana has been taking swimming lessons for a year now, and she just starting to enjoy it. Mae is far ahead of Hana!

Anonymous said...

AMAZING! She looks like a natural! I think I need to look into some lessons for Phoebe.....Thanks for sharing!

Ellen said...

Epin, she doesn't enjoy it yet either! It took Ted 3 weeks to get confident enough to love swimming, and Sam is still not convinced (it's been 3 years!). I think Mae will learn to love it by the end of her lessons, but right now she is not thrilled. She is very focused though, which is great. She doesn't waste time fighting; she just gets down to business (with a lot of whining!)