Thursday, February 1, 2007

Mae Swimming-Week 4

Here is a video of Mae at the end of Week 4 of lessons. She is doing so well. She has the swim and the float down; now she is learning the roll, which is tough for her because she has a very strong left side but a really weak right side, which makes rolling tough if she's not positioned to the left...and really, you have to be able to do both! She is no longer crying and actually smiles during the lesson now. She says "Kyla" whenever we are at swimming for the boys and really seems to like her. She has 2 more weeks and then she'll 'graduate' to a weekly swim class on Wednesdays. We are so proud of her!

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Beth and Shayna said...

Wow, that is so great. Yippee for Mae. I will be looking for her in the 2016 Olympics!