Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Swim Test


Anonymous said...

Hooray for Mae!!! E you know my feelings about this class. Just amazing. I'm so discouraged they don't have it where I am. Go Mae!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeh Mae! This was so great! I called today to sign Leah up but there's only 1 teacher in our area and we can't start until June! Bummer! Good Luck in your winter clothes test Mae!
Kerri and Leah

Anonymous said...


I am just amazed at how Mae swims! I have never seen anything like this. My husband desperately wants me to get Natalie enrolled in lessons this spring because we go boating frequently and are around marina's/docks and pools so often. I thought she was too young but after seeing Mae I am really inspired! Way to go Mae! Christine- mom to Tom, Jazmin and Natalie http://face2face-christine.blogspot.com/