Sunday, February 3, 2008

Ski School

Ted and I spent the day at Eldora. We both went to ski school. WOW this is HARD! I was exhausted and sore by lunch. Then after lunch, I got the thrill of falling down the hill. Oy. I did manage to wedge down the last 2 runs, but it wasn't pretty. Ted fared much better. He went into it determined to advance to the Green Group, like his other friends at school. And he did it. He started the day on the Magic Carpet, had a little "getting lost" issue which scared everyone, including him, then had lunch. After lunch he was promoted to Green Group and they headed out to the Little Hawk lift. They did the handle tow (or tow rope...not easy...we did this and it was tough) and then at the end they rode the lift and came down, playing Red Light Green Light. Yellow Light meant turn, which I couldn't believe he could do! I can't turn! He was doing great. At the end of the video he says "That was really fun!" Aw! The quality is pretty poor and very far away, but he's on the left. More pics on moeltini.

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