Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sam's Pre-K Graduation

Sam graduated from Pre-School on Wednesday. It was, as expected, incredibly bittersweet. The kiddos sang a bunch of adorable songs (well, Sam didn't sing. He suddenly got stage fright.) and they were presented with their books (a 3-ring binder of all their "work" all 3 years. Sam reads his every. single. night. And during the day as well. So cute.) Then there was a big party on the playground (with Penguin cake!) What a blast. Here is a brief clip from Graduation and pics of Sam and his buddies. We have only one more year at the JCC for Mae. Only one more year with Caroline the incredible teacher. I can't imagine life without those teachers in it. Thank goodness for Sunday School! Sam has on a white T-shirt over a red long-sleeved shirt. He's in the middle of the stage, NOT singing. Heh.

With his buddy Jacob and his favorite teacher Dan:

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