Friday, September 4, 2009

Sam is 6: Mae rides a 2 wheeler

Today was Sam's birthday. Since he doesn't have Kindergarten on Fridays, it was a good day for it! He opened his presents, had his well check (43 pounds and 44 inches tall - both 25%) and played lots of Laser Tag at Boondocks. We finished up with a DQ cake and lego building. What a great day!

He loved the science stuff: a light kit (we did a few of the experiments and I think the color one was his favorite - there are tons more to do) and the volcano kit (we'll work on that tomorrow.) Daddy got him a Mars Mission lego set (MONTHS ago, since it's discontinued) that got both boys VERY excited. Sam built the smaller ship all by himself (!!) and Ted worked very hard on the larger one; Paul will check it out in the morning and help out if need be. I can't quite believe he is getting to be such a big boy. Mae may be the youngest child, but Sam will always be my baby. With his sweet disposition and quirky personality, every year just gets better and better. Happy birthday, Sam!

Yesterday we finally got a video of Mae riding her 2 wheeler. Rock star!

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