Thursday, October 15, 2009


One of the many cool things about Horizons is the A&S program. The last 45 minutes of the day (before Closing Meeting & CleanUp) is Arts & Science choices. The kids pick 3 top choices and are told of their class the first day. Most sessions run 2 weeks, some go longer. Popular choices are yoga, gymnastics, karate, knitting, unicycle, mountain biking, cross country and skateboarding. Felting, Ted's choice this time (to my surprise), is so popular that kids are only allowed to take it once - ever. Even if it's offered when he's a 4th grader, if a felting newbie wants it, Ted can't take it again. Crazy! Well, he is very excited about the class and has made all kinds of cool little projects. The first day he made eyeballs. Eek! By the end of the 2 weeks I think he'll have "A Nightmare Before Christmas" of sorts, with all the odd little folk he's created. I love it!

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