Saturday, September 21, 2013


Patches joined our family last Sunday. It's been in the works for a few weeks now. My singing friend Dawn feeds the stray cats in her area (after catching, neutering and releasing - she's a good cat citizen!) and she felt that Patches would make a good housecat. He'd been outside all day and sleeping on Dawn's bed at night for a few months, but her other cats didn't take well to another cat and were mean to him. 

Dawn offered to take Patches back if ever our sweet Fuffles returns and we agreed to take him in. Little did we realize what we were getting into! Sweet Patches has FIV (like HIV but for felines). His gums are badly infected and he's lost a lot of teeth. He needs more pulled as well. One eye seems either deformed or perhaps tear-duct challenged and his claw are very fragile and pull out easily. Clearly, he is not a healthy guy, but he is so sweet and cuddly, you'd never guess the discomfort he's in. 

We hope that after he has his dental surgery on Monday he will thrive and enjoy his life as an only cat. He and Sweet Pea regard each other curiously but without fear, so I suspect they will be snuggling together as the weather cools. He is a sweetheart. Welcome to the family, Patches! 

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