Saturday, October 22, 2005


What a nice day. Today was still cool but the sun came out and it was beautiful. We got to Sunflower right when it opened at 10am and didn't leave til about 1:15. Besides enjoying all the standard activities at Sunflower (trampoline, sand box, tree house, many swings, animals to feed and pet, bikes to ride etc.) we also went on a hayride, listened to live music and played in the hay. We didn't pick a pumpkin (they were a bit too small for our carving extravaganzas) so we'll do that on Monday at the preschool field trip. When we got home BOTH boys took a 3+ hour nap! Gotta love fresh air and exercise. We woke them up at 5ish and joined the Krams' at Red Robin. It's such an interesting switch: the big kids are so good at restaurants now and the 'babies' are "all done" before the food comes! Sam had another great potty day, although he seems to be resisting pooping, so I'll give it another day before resorting to "medical procedures"...c'mon Sam!

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