Wednesday, April 25, 2007


I got a email from Wendy this afternoon. She found eggs! Even as I aspire to be vegan, Mae's protein needs are turning into a true concern and I was THRILLED to learn that local farms offer eggs for sale from their happy chickens. Did you know farm-raised chickens lay all colors of eggs? Brown, black, purple, pastels....I estimated that we would go through about 1 dozen a week (Mae has one every morning (7) + challah french toast on Saturdays (3) + Ted's waffles (2). She picked up a dozen today and I'll pick them up tomorrow. They are $3.50 for a dozen. I'm way excited. I still plan to cook vegan in most recipes, but I'm happy to put eggs in for the kids, especially without guilt. Next week it'll be my turn to go to the farm to get the eggs for us, and I'm looking forward to seeing the chickens myself. She said they look about as happy as chickens can look! I love Boulder.

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Wendy said...

Pretty good stock photo, it's almost like you have already seen your carton ;)

PS - There are $3.50/dozen.