Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Low Blood Sugar, ear infection & more counseling

Today Mae had a follow up appointment to talk about her 'episode' at PALs last week. Since it was pretty much an isolated incident, our pediatrician is not too worried, but wants us to keep a log of all the times she seems shaky and to make an appointment with an endocrinologist to discuss any tests that would be prudent. In the meantime, we are to continue what we are doing, which is bumping up her protein intake and making sure she has snacks available throughout the day. I'm not a juice fan, but she gets juice now and I bring some with me. Soy milk, which has the protein, is our drink of choice when eating out and luckily she likes chocolate (she's not a fan of our homemade brew just yet...) I've also started bringing Puffins or Mighty Bites cereals with us wherever we go, just in case.
While there, the doc discovered an ear infection (*sigh*) so Amoxycillin it is. Paul took her in just Saturday and there was no infection, so this was a quickie. Ted was sent home from school today (I knew this would happen, but I wanted him to be in the class picture! I told the teachers I would hang around Boulder just in case they felt he should go home, so I was ready!) so the doc was able to check him too and he seems fine, just a miserable cold. Sam is on the mend and had a nice playdate with Eliot today so I could take Mae in to the doc.
This afternoon I had a 2nd session with a therapist at CCAI. Our first session revolved around Mae's sleep issues and her tips really helped. Today we talked about her severe separation anxiety and fits of sadness/anger. The separation anxiety, she thinks, is normal, because most adopted children are 'delayed' in some areas. Mae is up to snuff physically but perhaps is a bit behind emotionally. Most toddlers go through the separation angst around 15-18 months, so Mae is probably right on track with her own schedule. I am to continue holding her through her fits and reassuring her that she's her language improves this will get much easier, we think! She said, and I agree, that it is most exciting and promising that Mae now WANTS to be cuddled and comforted when she is upset. Last time, she noted, that was not the case, so we have come a long way. And, she said that often these girls cycle through these stages throughout their lives, and all we can do is be there for them and assure them of our support. Phew.

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Beth and Shayna said...

I am glad to hear you are all getting better. And poor Mae for the ear infection. I hope the low sugar thing was a one time issue. It always happened to me as a kid and as an adult. It is scary, but you are doing the smart thing by having snack with you at all times. Enjoy the weather this weekend.