Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Today's adventure

Well, today was interesting. The plan was to go to the Museum of Nature and Science, but the boys lost museum priviliges when they wouldn't stop fighting. So, instead, we headed over to Wendy's to attach the 3rd wheel and get Sam used to it. It was pretty...wraught with drama. First, we couldn't get the baby seat off. Once we figured that out, it was another drama to attach the 3rd wheel. Thanks goodness Wendy's dad was there to help out. Turns out having the baby seat on inhibits the motion of the 3rd wheel, so I'm going to take the baby seat off and have it put on Paul's bike. I'll ride Paul's bike when Sam wants to ride his 2 wheeler. And when Wendy and I are going on an adventure with the big boys, we'll put the 3rd wheel on my bike and the babies in the Burley. Rather than be sad that Paul doesn't want to jump on the biking bandwagon, I'll be happy that I now have 2 bikes to use as I choose. What we ended up doing today was biking to the park and riding around the tennis court so Sam could practice. All the other kids ended up taking a turn too, so it was a real hit. Then it started hailing on us (?!) so we headed back. "It's good we have helmets on!" said Sam.
It's cold, and I want to make a warm and comfortable stew. I have a bunch of veggies to use up, so I'm on the hunt for a soup/stew that uses a bunch.

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Wendy said...

I'm sorry I didn't get video of Sam when he first got on the tag-a-long, it would have been funny. Even funny for him, later... much later.