Monday, May 21, 2007

a vegan market!

Look what I found on Happy Cow! I can't believe THREE LITTLE FIGS is in the same complex as Paul's office. The kids and I had a FABULOUS exciting field trip after pickup today. Not only were there vegan marshmallows, but a plethora of vegan faux meats and Sheese (something I've been wanting to try; they had samples; it rocks) as well as a Tofutti brand of pizza, which if Ted would like it, would make birthday parties a lot easier for everyone. I also scored some vegan M&Ms and the kids got to pick a treat too. YUM. Very exciting to have such a local source of vegan stuff. Wild Oats and Whole Foods have quite a lot of these products, but not the wide variety that 3LF boasts (more than 5 varieties of faux meats & cheese, namely). I also appreciated the samples they fixed up just for me to taste before I bought. Very nice people. They told me about a pizza place on Broadway that has a gluten-free, dairy-free pizza (perfect for Ted!) and a smoothie place that uses soy ice cream to make really delicious smoothies and ice cream concoctions. Mmmm. I like this place and will make a trip there when I need to stock up.


MommyMimi said...

Ellen - I know you said you're going to put your diapers on CL, but if you're interested in shipping let me know how much you're selling them for (+s/h). I'm interested. ( Not sure if you remember me or not, but I'm from PH. ~ Melanie (Mo)

Trixie said...

Your excitement is contagious! But alas CO is a long way to go for free samples of vegan food :)

If you try the new soy ice cream place, make sure to write down the flavors so that we all see what the variety is like! You may have to go back and try a new flavor just for us!