Saturday, August 25, 2007

better living through chemistry

Today was awesome. If anything, it was EASIER than yesterday. We have 2 theories as to why that is. #1-drugs. We took Ibuprofin at 4pm yesterday and an Allieve at bedtime and again in the morning. #2-the massage. I made sure to duplicate those factors again today, although 10 miles tomorrow should be pretty easy. We even RAN some today! Every now and then I would get so stiff I couldn't stand it, and a light jog actually seemed to lube everything up. Plus it was fun to get cheers from the rest stops when I'd jog in. I developed 2 blisters UNDER my callous on my baby toe. Waaa. It pinches a little so I'm glad tomorrow is short. In general though, I feel great! Tired and a bit sore, but really good. Hooray!

I utilized every single port-a-potty (every 1.5 miles), occasionally TWICE during a rest stop, except for one that I skipped and immediately regretted it. Wendy thought that was funny. For me, it's normal. I always pee clear! Here's my owie toe.

Check out the Walk Page for more details and pics.

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