Sunday, November 11, 2007

Family Portraits

This morning we met Wendy at Purple Park for a picture session. I wanted a family portrait (the last one was taken in April of 2005 ...before Mae was even born) as well as a picture for our Holiday cards (Hanukkah starts on Dec. 5!) In the April '05 one, we were just finishing up the paperchase and needed a family portrait for our dossier. We've had a few more random shots at Mae's welcoming party and last Thanksgiving, but they were pretty squirrelly. Wendy did an amazing job. Ted was in a CRAZY STUBBORN mood and would NOT cooperate. Mae barely cracked a smile. Ole kept yiping whenever Paul tried to get him to sit down. It was hysterical. Paul and I had made a solemn vow to not get angry at the kids so we were pretty chipper and into the bribery. It ended well. If these are the shots she got with my uncooperative children, I'd be in a financial ruin if they had all been photographically perfect. As it is, Paul and I are wrestling over which family shot we like and which ones of the kids we like...You know your photographer is seriously talented when you get this many GOOD ones with such uncooperative subjects! Don't want to spoil the surprise, so this outtake seemed fitting to share. Think 110 minutes of this and 10 minutes of happy family smiling at the camera. We love you Wendy!

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