Sunday, November 11, 2007


After my disaster with the Ethiopian stew, I knew I had to try again, because it sounded really good. And we got about 3 pounds of turnips at the CSA last Tuesday...hmmm. I doubled the recipe and only used the required TEAspoons of berbere spice, and it was good! Not quite as good as I had hoped but still yummy. The broth was a bit...dusty...for lack of a better word. I feel that way about Tumeric in general I think, so I may skip it next time. It just lends a dusty feel to the otherwise silky broth. I froze 10 cups and kept 8 (it made 20 cups! Holy cow!) and it'll be warmly welcomed on a cold Friday night this winter. This is all local except for the spices and veggie broth (made with Better Than Bouillon): CSA turnips, onions, garlic & carrots as well as home-cooked chickpeas. I also baked our weekly 2 loaves of Honey Wheat/Spelt bread and we ate an entire loaf with the soup! That steaming hot bread just tastes soooo much yummier. I have a large spice container of the berbere spice now and I've seen a few recipes calling for it with roasted root veggies, so I may try that next week. A good, if not great, local meal!

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