Sunday, November 25, 2007

Zoo Day

The last day of a 4-day weekend is always sad. Not only was it HEAVENLY to sleep in (as much as 3 little children let you sleep) and laze about in jammies, there were so many leftovers that we just knoshed whenever. LOTS of playing, lots of reading, lots of chess, some TV (*ahem*)...all the good stuff that vacations can bring. So for our last day we went to the Denver Zoo. It was a beautiful, sunny high 50's day and a perfect one for an outdoor outing. We didn't get any pics (amazingly) because I think we were too busy having fun. The kids had a few meltdowns, but all in all, a great trip. All the fresh air made me sleepy (after being cooped up in the house cooking for days on end) so I crashed out when we got home. Dinner was CSA bok choi and leftover CSA mashed potaotes with Punk Rock Gravy, plus some Seitan 'o Greatness. I hadn't made it in ages and it seemed a nice accompaniment to greens and potatoes. Yummy. The boys' lunchboxes are packed and in the fridge, all permission slips are signed and in backpacks, and we are ready for the final 3 week push til Winter Break. I absolutely LOVE that I don't have to drive the carpool on Monday mornings. Makes the transition oh-so-much easier for me. Hope everyone had a wonderful break!

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