Thursday, January 3, 2008


Today was another swimming day with Josh and family. As usual, everyone had a blast. Sam actually stayed in the water for an extra hour with Josh, getting tossed and flipped around like mad. He loves the water! A lifeguard asked me about the Infant Aquatics program and commented that he has never seen a child in the IAS wetsuit who didn't act just like Mae was acting today - happy and confident in the water. True!

After nap today, all three kids had haircuts. Mae's is cut very short - it's been since August that she's had anything but a bang trim. I'll get a pic soon - she looks sooo cute!

Tonight we had Roasted Acorn Squash soup (CSA acorn squash, onion & garlic). We were out of soymilk so I subbed in lite coconut milk that we happened to have on hand. YUM! I'll do this every time from now on. We had toasted CSA buttercup squash seeds on top. (I roasted both acorn and buttercup today and toasted the wrong seeds! Oh well... they are both delicious.) What a yummy meal.

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