Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Root Cellar ....

... is wilting.

Something must be done, and SOON, or there will be a lot of wilted, moldy produce in my basement! One easy plan to is get roasting! Squash roasts easily in 30-60 minutes, so I plan to roast away for the next few days. Once the squash are roasted, it can be frozen til I'm ready to prepare something. The turnips and beets must be dealt with on their own asap. Thursday and Friday will involve the Ethiopian stew, sauteed beets and root salad, to be sure. I love the Punk Rock Gravy, so I think a side of mashers will be on the menu with most meals from now on. Mmm. I also thought it might be easy enough to substitute mashers for rice with some of the more stewy soups. I'll post any "cellar meals" accordingly, in case any of you have a similar case of the wilties!

Any chickpeas will be subbed out for my CSA Indian Woman Beans and black beans for my CSA Hopi or Cherokee Trail of Tears/Wax combo.

The Roots
Potatoes: Mashed Potatoes w/ Punk Rock Gravy (CSA Indian Woman beans)
Carrots: Molly Katzen's Carrot Soup
Beets: Root Salad and Sauteed Beets (from the Yoga Kitchen cookbook)
Turnips: Ethiopian Turnip Stew
Onions: (easy to use up ... in every single dish)

The Squash
2 Acorn: Roasted Acorn Squash Soup
4 Kabocha: Kabocha Spinach Soup
4 Buttercup: Lentil Buttercup Soup
1 Pumpkin: Pumpkin Black Beans Soup (CSA black beans)
1 Blue Ballet: Hubbard Squash Pie w/ Gingersnap Pie Crust
3 Spaghetti: store the spaghetti strands for later spaghetti & no-meatballs!

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