Thursday, May 22, 2008

Rainbarrels, homemade corndogs and Jiggley-Puff

For those of you unfamiliar with Pokemon, there is a very cute one named Jiggley-Puff. She sings a sweet little song and puts everyone to sleep. This makes her angry, so she draws on everyone with her microphone-turned-marker. The boys think this is hysterical. Apparently they played Jiggley-Puff and Pikachu on Monday night. Sam was JP, obviously. Hee.

Today there was a tornado in Fort Collins! We had some wild rain and found out later how crazy it really way. During this rain, I went out and put my gigantic kitty litter jugs under my drainspouts. I filled 6 40-pound jugs! That'll be alot of water for my garden when it doesn't rain! Now I just need a way to store it. I'll be checking with the local car wash places (they have 50 gallon tubs that they will sometimes part with).

Also, today I cooked up a bath of VeganDad's hotdogs and cornbread from VeganLunchBox. This will be a re-try of homemade corndogs. They were soundly rejected last time, but we'll try again. I'm aiming for no more processed foods, and they love their corndogs.

Just got an email from Horizons and the kids were in "tornado position" for a while. Should be a fun story for him to tell.

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