Saturday, June 21, 2008

Annual CCAI Reunion Picnic

Today was CCAI's 14th Annual Reunion Picnic, at City Park in Denver. Paul had a chavurah guys event, so I was on my own. I truly appreciate the age Ted is at now. We bought a large ladybug balloon at Safeway and tied it to our backpack. That and Mae's 100 Good Wishes Quilt made our area easy to spot. So he could wander off, playing on stilts or waiting in line for a balloon, and find his way back. The kids really loved the dragon dance (the dragon is held up by about 5 dancers who run through the crowd holding it up, with a stream of little Chinese girls running behind them (and Ted, of course). The Lion Dance was awesome too. I ran back to the blanket to grab our sun hats and Ted took about 50 pictures. We got to chat with Renee & Rob (Zoe), Megan (Lucinda), Joanne (Xiao-Xiao), Michael & Rachel (Elyana, and how our eyes were opened to the idea of Chinese adoption in the first place!) and even Beth & Julio (Shayna), albeit briefly. We have got to get more organized about meeting up! Every year I vow to find a way to meet up, but it never pans out. Argh! It was so lovely to see all the girls. There were so few babies this year, with the slowdowns and all. Our girls were pretty much the youngest, with just a smattering of littler ones. I suppose with gas prices, out of towners were less inclined to come this year too, so it seemed less well attended this year. It was still lovely though, and with the heat, the water park was a hit too. A fun day all around!
Lots more pic on moeltini.

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jack said...

Nice report on the CCAI picnic. Now I have to question your moeltini pics. Is one of those big creatures a lion and the other a dragon? I was assuming both were dragons. Which is which? So Ted is now a photographer, too?

Yes, start planning now for next year's get-together, or maybe for a fall one....