Friday, July 25, 2008


Well, it was a tough week. Once my deer fly bite healed, I thought I was in the clear. After my run on Wednesday, I got stung by a bee. My left hand swelled up and it HURT for about a day, then itched for 2 days. I'm hoping tomorrow is better. Oy!!!

Tonight was monumental. Sam biked to Wahoo's. That's just over 4 miles round trip. He was sooooo chicken on our very downhill street leading to the path (our neighbor Jeff is a saint and stayed with him the whole way), but once he was on the path he got right into it and got braver and braver the farther he went. He biked the entire way home, downhills and all. Rock ON, Sam!!

Ted had another fabulous week at RMDC. He got the spirit award again today, for being a great dodgeball player and for getting his very first bullseye at Archery! Woo hoo! One more week to go. What a great camp. 4 stars from Ted and me!!

Sam and Mae had a pretty calm week at the J. No permanent ink on their hands or mysterious disappearing clothing. Mae is in love with Jeanne (her teacher in the Fall, so that's handy) and Sam really digs Dan, one of his camp teachers and a pre-K teacher in the Fall. There is something to be said for a little boy having a male role model. Very cool.

I am busy planning Mae and Sam's ( 0 waste!) birthday parties. Mae's is fast approaching! She wants a Pikachu cake (?) and Sam wants a soccer ball cake with a Power Ranger sticking out of it. I have weird kiddos. Mae's will be at the park and Sam's at an indoor pool with his 5 buddies (plus their siblings). Should be fun. Now that Sam can ride a 2 wheeler, I can totally believe he's 5. Funny how that sealed the deal for me. I think he grew 2 inches this week, just from confidence alone.

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Anonymous said...

yeahhhh Sammy!! Good job working so hard on riding your two wheeler! Braking will come--I remember when Max was learning to brake, he got pretty frustrated, but eventually worked it out!

Luv, Ayi Susu