Sunday, July 27, 2008

Weekend Fun

We had a fun day at the pool today. I had Wendy's kids for the morning and all 5 kids played great at the pool. They are all (mine anyway) fried now, but it was fun. Wendy has a new fancy underwater camera that she tried out. Cool!

Saturday we went to the Science Museum and the boys had Ninja Night in the evening. We took Mae to Tandoori Grill and she did great. She loved the papadam and rice...not so keen on the kobli naan! She is so great at restaurants.

I'm going on a one-week diet to boost my immune system (and perhaps drop a few pounds too!) I'll report back next Sunday night!

Like the new blog header? Thanks Wendy!!!!


jack said...

Very funny knee pic! And I love the underwater shot of Paul and the boys. Do keep us posted on your raw diet, or whatever it's called.

Summer is running out on us ~ enjoy it while you may~


Anonymous said...

The new masthead is great! AND the underwater shot is fabulous. What a great resource and friend Wendy is!

Ayi Susu

rudomundo said...

What a fantastic photo!