Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ski Day #2

Yesterday was Ted's 2nd day of Trek. It was freezing and windy, so the 3 girls were all crying by lunchtime. I did buy Ted a fleece (which is why I saw the weeping) but he was fine. The new mittens with hand warmers + liners seemed to work. Sam had a half day lesson after lunch, with 3 other kiddos, and learned how to pizza. He still can't stop, but the pizza somehow prevents him from falling, so he is happy as a clam. I think he could ski this way for a long time and be thrilled. And I had a lesson too. We started on the Magic Carpet (hee) and progressed to the carrot  and then to Little Hawk. I did great! Ken was really mellow and nice to me, and taught me how to link turns, rather than staying in a ridiculously gigantic wedge the entire time. I'm so encouraged. He says the EZ lift (technically the Green lift) leads to runs that are 3 times longer than Little Hawk, but are actually less steep. So we're going to to there next week. This is a real breakthrough for me. Hooray! 

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patricia said...

Hooray for the Moeller Ski Team!!! Sounds as tho everyone is making great progress, which usually means having a lot of fun!

Thanks for the pics. Keep 'em coming!