Thursday, June 25, 2009

a typical day for Sam and Mae

We chose not to send Sam back to the JCC for camp, since that seemed to confuse Ted at that age. He will go to RMDC with Ted after our vacation. In the meantime, Sam and Mae are hanging with me, and we are having a pretty good time.

Today was a good example of a typical day:

First we dropped Ted off at camp at Martin Park so they could catch the Skip to Pearl Street and to the miniature golf place. The kids explored the tiny pond near the park for ages.

Then Sam wanted to go to NCAR again, so we did. That boy loves tornadoes. And hurricanes. Lightening. Vortexes. If it's a natural disaster, he's all over it. We did a mini hike too (flip flops don't make for good hiking shoes.)

Then we stopped at King's for fresh corn to grill tonight. Sam loves corn; luckily they had plenty (why does it always rain the night we grill?) The kids enjoyed the little penny horses and a donut (way better donuts at King's than at Safeway, btw).

Then I put them in daycare at Lakeshore while I took a swim class. It was much longer and harder than the Tuesday night one so I was wiped! We had lunch and then picked up Ted (soaking wet from the fountain) and hurried to the library, where Ted read to Timber the dog in their new reading program. SO CUTE!

Swim lessons and home for dinner on the grill (and a flying ant invasion). Phew. A full day.

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