Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Home Sweet Home

I arrived home late Sunday night, greeted with home-drawn cards and lots of hugs. Sam had lost his 2nd tooth that morning (I knew he'd lose it while I was gone!). We spent Monday at Boondocks, as promised, and I shaved my head. Paul just shook his head at me. Nancy and I were chatting about it. I think, in the short term, that it looks good. I plan to keep it like this until her hair officially gets longer than mine. Let the hair begin! :-) In the meantime, it is very chilly without hair! Good thing I know how to knit!
I fixed Black Bean and Corn Tacos for Paul. He did a great job. The kids were all happy, healthy and fed. What else can you ask for?
Today, Tuesday, we are having a mellow day at home. Tomorrow will be a big cooking day as we get ready to celebrate Thanksgiving with our friends. This year's turkey is named Hawthorn. Look for his pic on Thanksgiving Day - he's a cutie!
We are hoping Paul will go out to visit Nancy next, maybe sometime in December or early next year.

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