Friday, November 20, 2009

the LAST Neulasta shot

Friday is shot day. The Neulasta helps the body make more white blood cells, which have been obliterated by the chemo. It was especially appropriate today since her cold seems to be on the rebound. Darn cold!

This morning we enjoyed Rice Pudding for breakfast, using our leftover rice from last nice. It was so tasty! She had some almond milk abandoned in the fridge that she didn't like straight up, so I used it in the rice pudding and it added a yummy creaminess - and lots of extra protein!

After breakfast we tried to go for a walk, but she remembered her meds so we rushed back home to get those into her. At that point, it seemed easier to wait for Tere to come give her the shot. So we started a load of laundry and she caught up on mail.

Tere is such a good friend! She shaves her head once a week in solidarity, supports her at work, and is a good source of companionship in everyday life as well. I'm so glad she is in her life! The shot seemed to go well til the very end, when there was a surprising amount of blood. We all think the initial "pull back" was clear, so it is a bit of a mystery. I guess we'll see how she feels. Never before has she looked forward to the aching in her jaw and pelvis, but this time it will be a welcome sign.

During her visit with Tere, I finished up the laundry, went back to the grocery store for Obama chili ingredients (and *had* to stop in Starbucks for a chai...) and came home to prep the chili for the crockpot.

She ate a leftover Black Bean and Corn taco for lunch and then took a long nap. I had some leftover roasted potatoes and garlic for my lunch and then snoozed too.

After our naps, we took our belated walk. There were many more squirrels at this time of day and we both felt guilty for running out of peanuts. I was also struck by the number of strollers and nannies. They are everywhere! There are so many parks, both for children and for dogs, that raising a small family here would work well. The air is so fresh here too, since it comes in off the ocean. Oh dear - falling in love with the city was not part of the plan! :-)

Tomorrow we are going to take in a matinee performance of South Pacific! I'm so excited! On the way home, we are planning to go to Zabar's and Garden of Eden (a local market that we hope has the illusive miso!).

We returned home to the amazing aroma of Obama's chili, which we enjoyed with challah tonight. This chili is truly extraordinary! Yum yum!

Shabbat Shalom, everyone!

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