Saturday, November 21, 2009

Saturday - a day out

This morning I was embarrassed to learn that she had been up a full hour and a half before me! This was due in part to my finishing up The Time Traveler's Wife at 1am. But still. We had leftover rice pudding for breakfast, showered and took a morning nap, since we had a show later!

After naps, I prepared our dinner: Turkey and Wild Rice Soup. I had tried to prep the turkey stock the night before, but I plugged it into a non-working outlet. The timing worked out though, and it was ready for us when we returned home this evening. It was very yummy, and very nourishing. Nancy's freezer is well stocked!

Saturday was to be the day we ventured out into the world to take in a show. While we would have enjoyed Turandot at the Met, it was not to be, so we chose South Pacific at the Lincoln Center. It was fantastic! The lead reminded me so much of my dear friend Leigh from CU, so I spent most of the show smiling, imagining it was her. It was a truly amazing performance. I think that is a big difference between NY shows and anywhere else - here is this show that has been in repertory for months and yet the cast is top-notch. There are no weak links. Well, the understudy we had for the Professor was a little weaker than the rest, but that fit his character so I didn't mind. What a great show!

We walked to Zabar's afterwards and I stocked up on black and white cookies, rugelach and chocolate babka. Mmmm! We chose to take a bus home rather than walk (whew! - she still walks fast, even after chemo!) and arrived home to the heavenly aroma of our dinner.

After a dinner of the turkey soup plus some potatoes, we did our respective "computer time" and then plan to head to bed! Tomorrow is my last day here and I am sorry to go. It's been a lovely time. I do enjoy being useful - especially for someone who actually appreciates it! (That's not a slam on Paul, btw, who is always appreciative, but rather the rugrats children.)

Tomorrow I plan to turn our leftover challah into French Toast to freeze for when she can chew easier, make up another batch of Obama's chili (hooray! a hit!) and prepare Moroccan Chickpea Soup for the freezer. Oh, I hate to leave! I will miss the kitties, my brave and beautiful SIL, and of course, NY! Til next time!

The closest I will ever come to singing at the Met! :-)

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