Monday, April 9, 2007

who needs school?

Seriously, with weather like this, I don't even mind days off school. Today the high hit 74 degrees. It was 20 on Saturday. I LOVE Colorado. I packed up the crew and we met Wendy and her gang at the Baseline/Cherryvale trail. Here, Ole can run off-leash and the boys can bike. Sam was amazing and didn't complain at all about his big bike. We made it to the bridge and then over to 'Dinosaur Park' by the Rec Center. The kids played there for about an hour and then we biked all the way back (still no complaining!!) and went to Moe's Bagels/Jamba Juice for lunch. Lots of spilling at lunch...ah well. Then home for naps (Sam is passed out in the car and Mae transferred to her crib still asleep-that doesn't usually happen!) After naps we are going to buy some walkie talkies-Ted got a little too far ahead of me for my comfort. I'm sure we'll do some more biking too. Love this weather!! (This pic is from February of '06 but it shows how pretty the trail is.)
Wendy has some good pics on her blog. I love the one of Ole!

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